6 shades of silk Gobelins au ver à Soie®" thread pack

Pack 6 nuances de Soie des Gobelins: 6 bobbins of 50m silkworm ®.

Assembly of 2 highly twisted strands of intense brilliance, made from Pure Silk, available in 81 colors.


Gobelins silk

Soie GobelinsTM is an assembly of 2 highly twisted strands of intense brilliance, made from pure silk, perfect for all needlework applications, available in a range of 104 colors.

Easier to work with in a single strand, gobelin silk is used for traditional embroidery, counted stitch, cross-stitch on linen and silk, and hardanger.

GobelinsTM silk has been manufactured by Au Ver à Soie® for over 180 years.

Dyed in fleets (skeins) to guarantee perfect unison, it is then presented on cones, in 50 m spools, and in 100 g skeins.

In 1890, the Gobelins silk card contained 2,688 different colors, divided into 107 ranges. This card is used as a reference for adding new colors.

Our current color chart, with 104 colors, is based on this.

Used by top designers, embroiderers, restaurateurs, knitters and weavers, users prefer it because it's supple and doesn't twist, unlike the competition whose silks are grainy and lack suppleness in use.


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