Model "belle l' été" set

This cardboard box makes it easy to create the necklace

  • Mat galon russe
  • 4" rope
  • Beading


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Necklace model supplies

  • 86 small natural baroque pearls ( for the drop version =63 pearls and 23 drops )
  • 1 spool of 35/2 linen / 2 cardboard boxes of rayon and lurex
  •  DMC thick cotton ( 1 spool of braided metallic n°4)
  • 1 flat case clasp kit 1 cm

You'll find a wide range of kits to create your own jewel, in a wide choice of pearl and drop colors to match the rayon threads, flat clasp kit in 1 cm.
I also invite you to personalize your necklace by creating your own pack.


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