Saint Jacques" fan the box

Fan model ( drawing and explanations ) to make in bobbin lace with 136 bobbins. The "Saint Jacques" model has a pretty inner border, simply a background of small rivers of grids (with three pairs) that intertwine.

The shell is reinforced with an oval silk leader.

The fan is to be made in Algiers silk (with a single thread) 1 skein and 1 reel of Oval silk, example of silk kit.

You can also use Gobelin silk (6 spools of 30m) and a spool of oval silk.



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Elegant bobbin lace fan with shell border, 10 x 21.5cm.

Dentelle de Magali frame , kit proposal

2 avis pour Fan "Saint Jacques" le carton

  1. Yveline Morel -


    Beautiful model

  2. Denise Canard -

    A fan of fans, this will certainly be my next work, after the Grand coeur, dahlia, papillon and maya models.

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