Algiers silk threads and green Oval "Fan Kit".

You will need a skein of 45m Algiers silk thread and 1 spool of 30m Au ver à Soie oval silk to make the "grand cœur" "saint Jaques" "Carole" fans.
I offer silk assortments for fans, in green tones.

You can order other colors from the Algiers silk and Oval silk charts in the Silkworm range.

Algiers silk is also perfect for embroidery, as is oval silk.


KIt of Algiers silk and silkworm oval silk for bobbin lace fans.

Algiers silk threads :

Assembly of 7 strands of easily separable, moderately shiny silk, made from schappe silk (worsted silk), available in 606 colors, packaged in 5 and 45 m.

Algiers silk from the Silkworm is used like a classic milled thread in all your needlework projects, in 1 or more strands depending on the medium used.

Used by leading embroiderers, restorers and carpet manufacturers.

What's more, it's easy to split, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in bobbin lace, embroidery on canvas and silk gauze.

The name "Algiers" refers to a manufacturing process, not to the city.

Oval silk thread :

Pure silk thread, flat, slightly twisted with intense brilliance, perfect for Esprit stitches in bobbin lace.

Oval Silk ™ in 30m, ideal for lace and needlepoint, a range of 85 colors


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