How to mount lace on a fan frame

It's a question that comes up a lot! How do you glue the lace to the fan frame?


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I've put together a photo montage for you.

I hope my little tips will help you avoid any setbacks.
In the attached file, you'll find all the explanations you need,
so that you don't make any mistakes when mounting the lace on the appropriate frame.

File: how to make lace: Free downloadable file, add to basket and you'll get the file link free of charge on your e-mail invoice.

The cardboard of this lace is the barley grain garland pattern, made with silkworm silk 1003 color 779.

The frame is a new model, exclusive to Dentelle de Magali.

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  1. TACHON -

    Peeling lace

    Your article enabled me to remove the lace from a fan that I had stained during assembly by using too much white glue, so I was able to resume the assembly correctly.

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