How to measure a fan frame

A fan frame is characterized by several terms

all equally important.


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Here's a sketch that may help you to see things more clearly, and also to make sure you find the right frame for a given model, or vice versa.
or the other way round.
In all cases, using the right vocabulary and characteristic dimensions can only help you find what you're looking for, so that the frame fits the model as well as possible.
A frame consists of two PANACHESand several STRINGS.
For example, if a frame has 2 plumes and 11 strands, we'll write (11+2)
(this is the case for the frame shown opposite).
The two dimensions A and B are to be noted on the model or on the
on the cardboard
(in the latter case, beware of shrinkage!) (They are given in cm).
Note: when a frame is not tapered, only dimension B is noted.

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