Blue Peacock" fan per box

Blue peacock fan made with fine 1003 silkworm silk and oval silk - A kit is available in the same shades as the model in the photo.

It's made of torchon lace, with color leader additions to each pattern.

The cardboard is 64 cm wide, the lace is 18 cm wide, and is made with 208 + 42 bobbins for the colors.

The appropriate frame for this model measures 14.2 cm x 31.4 cm ( 14 strands +2 plumes ) in Magali's frames.

The "Paon Bleu" box is free with the purchase of a frame and silk thread kit, enter promo code: free box


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Blue peacock fan

There are no major difficulties in making this lace, and the color diagrams enclosed with the cardboard show you how to assemble it. The instructions are clear and make it easy to assemble and add colors.

To make the same model, you'll need fine silkworm silk (6 spools) and oval silk (6 spools) - A kit is available in the same shades as the model in the photo.

If you'd like just one color, you'll need 4 spools of 1003 fine silk, and the shells will be less full, as will the motifs.



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