Making an event mount

We invite you behind the scenes of the workshop, to explain the different stages of making fan mounts Dentelle De Magali

I wanted to enrich my range of fan with custom frames.

Patterns that perfectly match the designs of my lace, the only solution I found and well, is to make my own collection!

It all starts with the selection of wood. It must withstand cutting and be perfectly dry to avoid any risk of deformation. We chose several species: acacia, cherry and pear, very good woods from our French forests.

The wood is then cut into thin planks 1mm thick for the strands and 3mm for the plumes. It is a delicate operation and requires a lot of control.

It still needs to be sanded thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

In the preliminary of the laser cutout, the paper drawings are digitally transcribed and the cutting and engraving files are developed using CAD software (Computer Assisted Drawing). This ensures perfect dimensional precision and repetitiveness.

The cutting and engraving of the different strands and plumes required a lot of tests to best define the parameters of the machine. Indeed, depending on the depth of engraving and the essence of the wood used, the results are very variable. In addition, each plank is unique and sometimes it is necessary to adapt to the veins of the wood to ensure a quality rendering.

Come the time of finishes, which consist of varnishing the pieces and mounting them together to get a fan, ready to welcome your magnificent lace creations or any other achievements.

I made an obvious choice for me as a lacemaker: quality first! Too often, trouble comes when fixing a long-term work on a mount that is not perfectly adapted, dimensionally speaking and the end result is unfortunately not always rewarding.

By favouring this quality, only the variations of your work, due to the use of different threads, the way to tighten your work, specific to each lacemaker, remain.

Of course, these frames are necessarily a little more expensive than the frames of the classic range, which are of a less elaborate manufacture.


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