Brown silk kit for fan


You need a skein of Silk from Algiers in 45m and 1 reel of 30m oval silk Au Ver À Soie for the realization of the "big heart" fans "holy Jaques" " Carole"

Proposals for silk assortment for fans, in white and cream tones.

You can buy other colour choices with the Algiers silk and Oval silk colour scheme in the au ver à soie range.

Algiers silk is also perfect for embroidery, as well as oval silk.

Brown Nuancier

Silk from Algiers: 7-strand assemblage of moderate brilliance easily separable, made from schappe silk (combed silk), available in 606 colors, available in 5 and 45 m.

The silk of Algiers is used as a classic milling thread in all your needle works in 1 or more strands depending on the medium used.

Used by the greatest embroiderers, restaurateurs and carpet manufacturers.

In addition, it is easy to split and thus allows multiple applications in lace with spindles, embroidery on canvas, canvas and silk gauze.

The name "Algiers" is linked to a manufacturing process and not that of the city.

Oval Silk: Pure flat silk yarn, undtorned with intense brilliance, perfect for Esprit point in lace with spindles

Oval Silk ™ in 30m, ideal in lace and needle embroidery, a range of 85 colours

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