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How to take measurements of a mount

A fan mount is characterized by several terms

all as important as each other.


Here's a sketch that may help you see it more clearly, and also not to go wrong to find either the mount you need for a given model, or
the other way around.
In any case, the use of the right vocabulary and characteristic dimensions can only help to find what one is looking for, so that the mount
adapts as best as possible to the model.
One mount consists of two PANACHES, and several BRINS.
For example, if a mount has 2 plumes and 11 strands, note (11-2)
(this is the case with the mount below)
As far as the two dimensions A and B are concerned, they are to be noted on the model or
on the cardboard
(in this case, watch out for the shrinking problem!) (They are given in cm)
Note: when a mount does not have a stall, only the B dimension is noted.

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Vocalubary Measures

Know the right vocabulary of the fans and how to take the measurements of his work or his mount

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