A passion, my job

Discovery of Lace with Fuseaux
June 1998 Getting the CAP "Art of Lace with Fuseaux"
October 1998 Workshop opens in Quincy
Organizing the 1st Lace Festival in Mehun-sur-Yèvre, thanks to the Quincy Dentellières Association
2006 Edition of the 1st book: "Jewels with Spindles"
Awarding the qualification of"Artisan d'Art" by the Chamber of Trades
November 2011

Knight's rank in the National Order of Merit


Edition of the 2nd book, Lace with beaded spindles: "Jewelry and accessories"


Partnership with Dior Watch Switzerland, Grand Bal VII Collection

June 2015


I crossed the lace at the end of 1996 at the age of 32. This passion pushed me to the CAP "Art of Lace with Fuseaux" prepared at the Hotel de la la lace in Brioude.. Since the opening of my workshop, I have been teaching so-called "torchon" lace, Cluny, Craponne and cut yarn.

My creativity and my desire to dust off this art too often associated with the image of the old lacemaker in folk dress, I slowly begin to create my own drawings. The result is several collections of beaded lace jewelry, dresses, fans and other fashion accessories.

This creative work has been realized by the creation of two books published in the editions "The Unpublished" (on sale here)

Lace and lace artists can find my models and supplies at my workshop or on the occasion of the various lace festivals and cuckoos in which I participate.

Since 2004, with the Quincy DentellièresAssociation, we have been organising a Lace Festival in Mehun-sur-Yèvre (18) every three years, which is always a great success (around 2000 admissions)

For the past three years, I have had the honour of putting my skills at the service of a great French watchmaking house in Luxe,which for me is a great recognition of my know-how.



Silver Medal ARTS SCIENCES LETTERS, June 2015

Medaille d'argent Arts Sciences et Lettres 2015

Knight's rank in the National Order of Merit, November 2011

Chevalier Ordre National du Mérite 2011