Universal fan mount

You can't find the right fan mount for your antique lace or fan leaf, in crochet or silk painting.
We suggest you create a universal fan mount, adjustable to your lace, simple yet elegant. Choose the fan you need from our 4 size ranges:
Size 1: from 13 to 16cm
Size 2: 16.1 to 19cm
Size 3: from 19.1 to 22cm
Size 4 : from 22.1 to 15cm
You can then refine your desired size to the nearest millimetre, and choose the number of strands you need for your frame, as well as the type of wood. At last, you'll have made the most of your work. It's also possible to place a custom order, with special dimensions and a different design. "Your made-to-measure frame

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