Metallics Au Sextant ®

Under the Au Sextant brand, this range includes different references:

1 "closed" yarn and 1 "Hi-lustre" yarn :Alone or associated with another, it allows to get brilliant shades. 46 colors in "curly" and 26 colors in "Hi-lustre"

Ancient :Gives an "old" look. Used in traditional embroidery, cross stitch, lace with spindle and also in machine embroidery. 12 colours

Bumblebee :Cordonnet mounted on a very bright soul, 3 sizes available for traditional embroidery, cross stitch and lace with spindle. 8 colours

Mettalics at the sextant® card where 10m reel in braid No.4 No.8

Metallics Au Sextant ®

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